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What is Net Photo?

Net Photo is a new concept in marketing news, stock images via digital distribution and collectable prints via mail order. The digital side of Net Photo is a complete photo agency, offering news, sports, feature, travel and personality pictures online, available for immediate access. Using the latest technologies, Net Photo markets to publications, edition, corporate and multimedia.

On the Prints Gallery endeavor, Net Photo brings to you select photographers work that can be viewed and prints ordered and paid for online. Delivery of prints will be made within 2 - 4 weeks of orders placed.

How do I become a contributor to the digital distribution of your work?

Fill in the registration form and give a short bio-data along with some pictures with a story. Once we have established contact with you, you can start sending us pictures. The photographers having the most consistent sales have sent in several hundred pictures to begin with. This helps establish a good base for sales. Inform everyone you know in the publishing and photography business about Net Photo. More newspapers and publications signing up means greater chance of selling your images.

For the time being, The Print Gallery is by invitation only.

I'm working for a photo agency, newspaper or magazine. Can I also work with Net Photo ?

No you can't work directly with Net Photo, if your agency is on contract with Net Photo. But you can have a specific Portfolio which presents your particulars and your complete work. If you are an independent photographer you can work directly with Net Photo.

Equipments needed to work with Net Photo ?

You have to send in digitalized pictures, so for starters you need a good computer-PC or MAC with at least 64MB (RAM) , a film scanner and an Internet e-mail account to send files to our system. Then you need to register with Net Photo. To work on the pictures your computer should have Adobe Photoshop software. The scanning of images should be at least 10 by 8 inches at 200dpi, which equals approximately 8 megabyte tiff file that you should convert to jpeg format (jpg or jpe). Save your jpeg files at level #6 or medium-high resolution jpeg in Photoshop. This file is what you transmit to us by email, modem to modem or FTP (file transfer protocol).

Does it matter if I use a MAC or PC?

No. We use both systems.

How much will I get paid?

You will get a commission on sales. When we sell a photograph you receive 55% of the sale.

When will I get paid?

At the end of each month, we send out statements to photographers. Even if you don't make any sales, you do receive a statement from us.

I don't cover news , can I still contribute?

Apart from news pictures, Net Photo also accepts feature pictures, travel & destination pictures, people & personalities, social issues, cityscapes and sports.

What type of pictures sells the best?

Everything sells at one point or the other. Consistent sellers are subjects in the news.

Do you accept archive pictures?

Yes. Archive pictures are the best way to boost up sales. The more pictures you have in the system the greater is your chance of them making sales.

Why don't my pictures sell?

Not everything sells right away. Sometimes it takes months for a picture to sell. The best way to sell is send in pictures constantly and consistently. The larger archive of yours in the system ensures better chances of sales. As we grow the more newspapers and publications sign up, the greater the chances of you selling your images.

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