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Technical Info for Sending Photos
Image and file size:

Netphoto's standard file print size is 8x12 (vertical)/ 12x8 (horizontal) inches at 300dpi, usually about 26 MB (megabytes) uncompressed Tiff file. You should compress your files as jpeg/jpg format at "high" (#9) in Photoshop V.4 (note: jpeg at "8" if using Photoshop version 5.5), baseline Optimized.

Sending files: Our preference is that anyone who is able, should send us images using FTP instead of E-Mail.


Login: anonymous
password: your e-mail address

NOTE: Please send an e-mail to alert us about the number of images to info@netphotograph.com


Send files as e-mail attachments to upload@netphotograph.com. Do not attach more than one file to each e-mail. Do not send text messages to this address, do not put caption or other info into the body of the e-mail. Our system automatically extracts the attached files and we do not view any message in the e-mail body. Text messages should be sent to: info@netphotograph.com


Captioning your images is extremely important. Good captions sell pictures. Bad captions slow down our picture desk. Details on captioning can be found in the captioning page.

Adjustment in Photoshop:

Do only minor adjustment in Photoshop. Our monitors are calibrated and our photo desk staffers will adjust color balance if necessary - if in doubt let us work on the images!
Do try to get rid of minor dust and scratches, but do not make major digital alterations to any image.
Do not use sharpen or un
-sharpen filters.


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