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Photo Submissions with Captions. - 1

All online submissions to NetphotoTM / NetphotographTM must contain complete and informative captions. This will help and enhance searching capabilities by clients on our database. Our search engine can look up pictures by various methods. To be able to provide the most varied search it is necessary to fill the entire set of fields that we recommend.

  • Caption:
    The first field in ‘File Info’ is where you enter the caption data. Write in the caption, which should include Who, What, When & Where and a description of what is happening in the photo.
  • Always enter the complete and proper titles of authority or position i.e. Prime Minister, President and CEO etc. but do not use Mr., Mrs. or Ms. Note:
  • Important: Do not use double or single quotes, apostrophe. In case you need apostrophes use the accent (`) symbol usually located in the extreme top left of your keyboard next to the numeric 1.
  • After your opening sentence insert the date and location of the Image. i.e. 14, November 2000 New Delhi, India.
  • The next sentence should be expanded, additional information about the photograph. Important: Between sentences do not give line breaks by hitting the ENTER KEY at the beginning or end of each sentence. Always continue to type in caption info continuously. Enter the credit as - photographer name/Netphoto - in brackets (John Doe/Netphoto).
  • Caption Writer: Enter your initials in the field.
  • Headline: A short Headline
  • Special Instructions: Type in the exclusions to specific publications or geographical area USA OUT or No Magazines or No Websites. Etc..
  • Important: Spell Check and see that your grammar is correct.
  • New to writing captions view and print a one page style sheet for easy reference.

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